“I love my little school. I am going to miss it terribly!”

This is how my older son feels about the Family Annex as he transitions to kindergarten. His words also speak to the debt of gratitude we have towards the Family Annex for providing a safe and stimulating learning environment that truly works as an extension of our home.  Teachers and director engage daily in a concerted effort that produces an atmosphere of creativity and exploration of interests. At the Family Annex, “what if?” questions are honored and the curriculum emerges organically from the dynamics of group play.As a result, the kids of the Family Annex are adept at producing their own art, stories, and discoveries, rather than reproducing what adults might deem important. The Family Annex is a glorious cradle for human creativity. Happy children, happy parents!

Mafalda Cardim


Family Annex feels like a second home. You walk into the nursery room and feel at ease, with framed photos of families, and children's artwork on the walls. The environment is gentle and caring. The teachers are top-notch. They encourage learning in a way that allows each child to explore her or his own interests. I love that the children get to go outside every day and work in groups on projects that they design themselves.

Norah MacKendrick


We felt our child was given a loving and creative environment, he was able to thrive in a safe space where talented teachers enjoyed his personality and helped it grow. Without being at all cerebral, the school is very reflective about how they work with kids and how the kids learn, they engage deeply with the kids at their level, and enjoy them, but they also engaged well with the parents --- we have always felt our views and perspectives were taken seriously, we felt close to the many amazing activities and projects the kids worked on, and we got a lot out of the sessions that parents could attend.

Macartan Humphreys


The Family Annex is a truly incredible place! The teachers are warm, dedicated and gifted educators. The classrooms are engaging, beautiful spaces that inspire children to learn and explore. Nancy is a skilled director with a beautiful vision for the school. I can not recommend the Family Annex enough and will miss them!

Mia Kargen


Without reservation, we can say that The Family Annex has and continues to exceed our expectations in every way. From the moment our children arrive at school, we know beyond a doubt that they are in a caring and stimulating environment. After a long day with their friends they don’t want to leave. Above and beyond the school, we love being a part of a vibrant parent community. Not only have the children made fantastic friends, but so have we!!!

Daniel Wilderman


We are so happy and lucky to have found Family Annex as we made a big move mid year back to NYC. Nico transitioned so easily. I was not able to be there for this transition but from the website and because of the style of school I felt comforted somehow and trusting of the care he was going to receive. The teachers are wonderful. Nico is eager to go to school, which says a lot to me. We look forward to the new year.

Stacey Carlson


We’ve had an absolutely wonderful experience at The Family Annex. I’ve been amazed at the dedication, care, thoughtfulness, seemingly limitless energy, and unmistakable respect for and love of children that all of the teachers bring to their work every day. It’s been a wonderful experience to have our daughter learn and grow there over the past three years — I cannot imagine a better pre-school environment!

Rocco Servedio
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Columbia University


From the moment we walked into the Family Annex, we knew that this was the school for our son. It was warm and inviting, and the kids were bubbling over with enthusiasm for learning. We’ve been at the Family Annex for four years, and, sadly, we cannot stay another 13.

What makes the Family Annex so special? The teachers. They are beyond amazing. Dedicated. Patient. Caring. Our son loves going to school. When we reach 113th Street in the morning, he doesn’t walk, he runs. He runs down the block, up the stairs, and right into his classroom where he cannot wait to tell his teachers what’s been weighing on his mind.

The Family Annex is a wonderful place to grow and learn. It’s hard to believe that our son, who came to the Family Annex as a toddler, is leaving as a confident, articulate, and big hearted, soon-to-be kindergarten student. It’s been an amazing journey.

Robin Newman


I have been just overwhelmed by the teachers and the teaching environment of Family Annex — I literally cannot imagine a more supportive, creative, patient, and nurturing community for my children. To receive, every day, a detailed and illustrated account of what the kids did at school — photos of the play and work, transcribed dialogs of lunchtime conversations, everything! It is just too much! It means I feel like I was with my daughter during her day, and it gives us lots to talk about when she comes home. Family Annex is a miracle.

D. Graham Burnett
Professor of History and History of Science
Princeton University