Family Annex Class Gift

Dear Families,

Each year the families at the Family Annex purchase a special gift for the children in each classroom.  This year the teachers have found using large scale photos is an exciting way to document what is happening in the classroom.  And, the children love seeing their photos blown up around the school and the classroom.  In order to maintain a high quality with the enlarged photos, the gifts this year are cameras with a high megapixel. 

We are asking each family to donate whatever amount they can, with a suggested donation of $35.00/family.  You can send your contribution online by clicking on the gift box picture on this page (there is a $1.30 processing fee included) or you can place your check made out to the Family Annex in the envelope labeled "Class Gift" in your child's classroom.  Make sure that your name is on it so we know that you have contributed.  Donations are due by Friday, February 13th. 

We are so excited about this year's gift and cannot wait to see all of the photos and our amazing kids and the work that they are doing in their classes!

Best Wishes,

The Education Committee