Parent Participation

We are a parent co-operative, and we emphasize the participation of parents in the activities and management of the school. The main element of parent participation takes place through the parent committees, on which all parents are expected to serve. Parents can select among several committees that they will be a part of for the school year. These committees help defray costs that the school would otherwise incur by bringing in outside contractors and workers. They also generate money that is used to enhance the educational program of the school. Committees give parents an opportunity to work with and get to know other families in the school. 


Administration: (Board) This committee works with the Director and oversees the cooperative. It is comprised of the elected officers who represent the toddler, nursery and pre-kindergarten classes. 

Education: Coordinates and stimulates the participation of parents in the educational and community goals of The Family Annex. The Committee is comprised of one parent from each classroom, one educator representative from each classroom and The Family Annex Director.

Gardening Committee: The committee members will be responsible for pruning bushes, spring planting and clean up in the fall and spring. Adding mulch, soil, etc. as necessary. Parents will rotate monthly to sweep and clean the ground in the backyard, check that any toys in the back are washed and garbage thrown out. Knowledge of plants (regarding those safe for children) is necessary as is previous experience in gardening. 

Grant Writing: The members of this committee will work collaboratively to seek out, apply for and write grants that will support and enhance the curriculum of the school.

Hospitality/Community Building/Fundraising: Members of this committee organize events for children and families such as winter party, potluck suppers, and the fundraising dinner. Chairpersons will rotate the events.  Parents plan and coordinate events designed to raise money for special school projects. Members of this committee will be responsible for holding an online auction, soliciting donations and coordinating fundraisers. 

Housekeeping/Maintenance: Maintenance is rotated among committee members and maintenance will be done approximately 4 times per year by each member. The committee members choose a morning or afternoon shift for one day over a weekend and spend approximately 3-4 hours maintaining the classroom environment. The rooms are cleaned monthly by a rotation of committee members. 

Library: Two parents will be responsible for updating the library that is kept outside of the kitchen on the second floor. He/she will update the library, file books in the appropriate categories, fix torn books and “weed out” those books that are outdated or beyond repair. This will be done periodically throughout the school year.

Recruitment: This committee is responsible for conducting group tours for prospective parents and answering questions that may arise during the tour. Tours are conducted at 9:00 A.M. and last approximately one half hour. The tours start at the end of October and run through January or February. Committee members should have had at least one years experience in the school.

Room Contact & Teacher Appreciation: One parent from each classroom will serve as the Room Contact and member of the Teacher Appreciation Committee. This parent will contact others regarding requests from the school or classroom teachers, such as attendance and donations for potluck dinners, harvest feast, etc. This person will also serve to contact parents if there is a school closing due to inclement weather, etc. Additionally, the parent will be responsible for recognizing teacher’s birthdays, providing gifts for these and holidays, as well as during Teacher Appreciation week. The parent will be responsible for collecting money from other families in their classroom to use for the sole purpose of these Teacher Appreciation gifts. 

Shopping: This committee is responsible for the weekly shopping for snacks for all classrooms. The shopping is done on Monday morning. This committee will be limited to four people who will be responsible for shopping 3 months per year. It is desirable to have parents on this committee that are able to shop at Costco, or a large warehouse, that will assist us in buying in bulk. All other shopping will be done in the neighborhood, at either a local market or fruit stand, when possible. 

Technical Support: Two parents will be responsible for assisting the teachers and director with technical support and should be familiar with Apple computers. 

Website: One current parent will continue updating and maintaining our website. A second parent is needed to assist and work with the current parent.