Time, and how children and adults use it, is central to the Reggio philosophy. The rhythm and pace of the child are always given overriding importance. This means really having time for children's ideas and giving value to their work, their conversations and their feelings by slowing down to listen to them.

Fast Facts

The Family Annex Nursery School was incorporated as a parent cooperative in 1982.  Our school is an independent, not-for-profit, and nonsectarian early childhood school located on 113th street and Broadway.  It is three blocks away from the Columbia University campus.  The Family Annex is licensed by the New York City Department of Health and is NAEYC accredited.  It reflects the diversity of the University community and of the neighborhood and is open to all who wish to apply.

We have three classrooms.  Our ground floor accommodates toddlers from 1.7 years old through 2.7, the nursery has children from 2.8- 3.8 and our pre-kindergarten has children who are 3.9-5 years old.  We have a private backyard for the children’s daily use and a studio that is used for exploration of various mediums.  

Since 2005 we have been immersed in learning and applying the Reggio Emilia approach from the town of the same name in Italy.  This wonderful philosophy encourages creative thinking for children and encourages teachers and children to be researchers.

The curriculum is layered with multiple projects based on the children’s interests and natural curiosity.  The children are engaged in discovery through an investigative approach in which their ideas are valued and respected.

Our classes are small and we have an excellent teacher-child ratio.  Our school is in operation from the beginning of September through July.  We have a very active parent body and many functions throughout the year that bring us together as a learning community.


Our Professional Team

We have a comprehensive team of professional teachers, who have extensive experience in working with children. The team includes:

  • 1 Director

  • 12 Teachers, most with BA and Master's Degrees

  • Studio: is led by classroom teachers who serve a dual role which includes classroom and atelierista

  • Music: is led daily by classroom teachers and once a week by a professional musician who comes in to work with each class on music and movement.

Read more about our teachers.


Enrollment & Schedule

We are open from September through July. We are closed for a winter and spring holiday. We are closed for Thanksgiving and Federal holidays. Our hours provide for different time schedules that include 8-12:45, 8-3:30, and 8-5:45 schedules.


Class Size

Our toddler class has 11 children at one time with three teachers supervising in the morning, and two teachers working with children in the afternoon. The nursery and pre-kindergarten classes each accommodates 14 children at one time. Each class has two morning teachers and two afternoon teachers. The nursery and pre-kindergarten classes merge with approximately 14 children combined at 4:00 in the afternoon. This gives children an opportunity to work and play with a varied age group.



Children bring lunch from home. Healthy snacks are provided by the school.


Tuition & Fees

2019 - 2020 Tuition and Fees