The hospitality committee is responsible for the planning and execution of 4 events during the school year. Each committee member will act as a designated point person for 1 of these events.  (Some of the events require a joint effort). When not serving as point person, each committee member will also be expected to help with the other events. Keep in mind that once you choose an event to act as point on you will be expected to plan the event and attend it.  If you cannot be available for these tasks, it is advisable to pick another committee or pay the opt-out fee. 

Number of Point Persons Needed:

  • 1 for the September Potluck
  • 3 for the December Holiday Party, 
  • 3 for the May Auction Dinner 
  • 1 for the July Potluck 

Please volunteer to act as point person one of these events and plan to be help set up/clean up at the other events. These events are ways to channel your creativity and organizational skills for our community and school.  Thank you so much in advance for all your patience, energy, and cooperation.


September/July Potlucks



  • The potlucks take place typically in the 113th Street Play Garden between Broadway & Amsterdam from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.



  • Email Alexandra Patz to reserve the 113th Street Play Garden:
  • Send an invitation email to all families. allows people to electronically indicate what they will bring for a potluck.
  • In addition, put up signs in each of the 3 Family Annex classrooms asking people what they would like to bring (fruit or dessert/salad/main/drinks) about a week before the event.
  • Send an email to the Hospitality Committee asking for help with set up and clean up.  Also, ask if anyone has a granny cart that we can use to help bring material to the Play Garden.
  • It is good to have some sort of inexpensive craft or entertainment, but that is up to who is planning the event. 


Pick up Day of at Family Annex Kitchen for Potluck

  • Two styrofoam large containers (to house drinks and ice)
  • Plates, and cups
  • Plenty of spoons and knives and forks
  • Serving cutlery 
  • Trash bags
  • Cork screw
  • Two tablecloths
  • A very large container of water (with the opening at the bottom) 
  • Two bags of ice on the day



  • The set up requires arriving at about 5:00 to 5:30
  • Set up one table for drinks and desserts and another table for main dishes and salads.  


After Potluck

  • After everyone leaves, we clean up and take the trash up to the Family Annex.  



December Holiday Party 

The holiday party is usually delightful, as the room is really great and between the entertainment and the crafts (which we really have to work on), everyone has a good time.

  • Write invitation and keep tabs of who is attending, reach out to families in all years
  • Collect money for the party
  • Coordinate with fundraising - they may want to do the raffle then  (help generate gift certificates and the like for the raffle) 
  • Book the room - the party is usually held at the 103rd Youth International Hostel we may want to try the ACT room this year
  • Book the entertainment, last year Dan did the honors
  • Arrange crafts (discuss what is appropriate with teachers)
  • Get non-denominational decorations
  • Buy food and beverages
  • Invite people to donate desserts
  • Bring cutlery, plates, cups, etc
  • Set up and clean up


May Auction Dinner

The Auction Dinner requires a lot of investment on our part (and on the part of the fundraising committee). During the evening, there will be a silent auction, and sometimes a show put on by the children. Sound is essential - coordinate with Dan. Also, either us or the fundraising committee must have someone to man the microphone.

  • Write electronic invitation ( is great for this) and keep tabs of who is attending.  Reach out to families in all years
  • Collect money for the party.  We usually charge $30/per family.
  • Coordinate with fundraising committee and help generate items for the auction 
  • Book the room - the party was held at the ACT room - it is expensive but well worth it
  • Book the food a few days in advance, usually from the Dive Bar (last year we tried kitchenette)
  • Buy the drinks for the bar (alcoholic beverages) - decided if the drinks are on the house
  • If so, Manage the cash bar so there is at least a meager profit
  • Oversea arrival of food and set up of room (cutlery, plates, cups, etc)
  • Arrange craft station and coordinate with teachers what are the plans for the evening (they might want to put on a show)
  • Clean up and donate leftovers