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Child as Researcher

Co-created Learning + Exploration


The Reggio Philosophy
includes these
basic principles:

The Role Of The Child

Children are rich with theories and ideas. The Family Annex classes have a co-created curriculum. This is a balance between the adults and children. Children are challenged and provoked in a positive way. The curriculum that evolves from this co-creation is one that is project based emanating from children’s thoughts, questions and hypotheses about the world around them.  

The Role Of The Teacher

The role of the teacher is to encourage critical thinking on the part of the children, to encourage children to ask questions and to be a researcher with the children. The teachers are also observers who try to understand the way the world looks to children. The teachers carefully plan questions and explorations that will stimulate the children’s innate curiosity and love for learning. The teachers are active observers working to see how best to inspire the children and support their learning.

The Relationships

The educational process focuses on the individual child as part of a family, a school, a community and larger society.

The Role Of Parents

Parent involvement and participation is vital in this program. Parents, as the children’s first teachers, are vital partners in the educational process. There are many opportunities for parent involvement at all levels of commitment and interest.

The Physical Environment

The classrooms and studio are an essential component of the program. The presentation and types of materials stimulates the children’s imagination and thought processes. The teachers document the learning processes of the children. The children’s work is valued and displayed throughout the school.

Professional Development

All staff members are working to further their knowledge of the Reggio approach as well as understanding how children learn. Meetings take place between classroom staff and through team meetings to discuss children’s work and progress. We are working with a consultant to strengthen our knowledge and application of the Reggio approach. Staff and team meetings are used to discuss children’s work and progress. Teachers attend local and international conferences.


Children’s interests and input assist adults in implementing the co-created curriculum. Children are encouraged to explore the various materials offered to support their learning. We believe our current practice, inspired by the philosophy of the Infant Toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, is the natural growth and evolution in The Family Annex’s long-time commitment to providing the highest quality care and early education.